Send big file

Send big file

Manage, transfer, store, share or send big files!

Managing online big files may quickly become complicated. Indeed, many storage spaces are limited to a few tens of megabytes in file size. But nowadays, it is easy to have files up to several gigabytes, like videos for example. Fortunately, there are some solutions if you want to send, share, or simply store privately big files.

Store or share big files

To store big files without limit, we can turn to the e-nautia virtual disk. Its online storage space can be set to unlimited. For the Web, the size of a file upload is up to 10 GB. To send even bigger files, you must go through the FTP. There will then be no limit. By download, either from the Web or from the FTP, there is no limit!
This storage solution is one of the most advanced. It can as well use as mere online storage as advanced uses through third-party software, such as emulation and synchronization. Emulation integrates a online disk directly into your operating system. If you want to access your data offline, synchronization is more appropriate. It will copy local data to the server.

Send big files

You do not have to use a storage space to send a big file. Indeed, sending big file is also another e-nautia tool. You can send one or more files by using this tool. The file is stored online and a URL is provided. This URL provides access to the file. Thus, to transfer the file temporarily stored online, simply transfer the URL to your contacts. Only those having the link can then download the file. The file will remain available online for the time you want (until 30 days). You do not even need to register to access the service. It only takes two clicks to send the file and two click to copy the link. Simpler, you die!

Send big file

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